Fast track to a ‘summer bod’

Desiree Perez, photographer, writer

Do you want a summer bod in weeks… or maybe a few months? Before summer starts maybe? I might have a few things that can help you. You have always wanted the summer body you see all over the TV and the internet right? I can help you get there if you just commit to it. Some things are really hard to commit to such as working out or trying to eat right and or just keeping in shape and keep going back the the gym. Some things I’ve done that have been working can really help you. You would just have to follow it or do it at your own pace.

  1. Get workout clothes your comfortable wearing such as shorts/leggings, t-shirt/tanktop/sweater, and running shoes.
  2. Make sure you bring a water everywhere you go because you keep your body hydrated and its also very good for your body. You want to have a water with you every time you work out so you don’t pass out and so you can take water breaks, but when you have water breaks don’t drink a lot of water because you can cramp during the rest of your workout.
  3. When you first work out you want to stretch all the time before and after your workout because it stretches out your muscles and the more your muscles stretch out its better for you so you don’t get sore.
  4. If you have a gym there are different machines everywhere in all cities or counties not all of the gyms are the same but they have the same variety of things.
  5. All machines have a walk through of what you should be doing and what part of the body it works out. Whatever you want to work on do 4 sets of 10 reps and a 30 second rest.
  6. If your wanting to work on your stomach do three sets of 15 reps. In this workout you can be doing sit ups, crunches, pushups, and Russian Twist (these are a side to side movement you will be on your butt and have a medicine ball and have your legs up then you tighten ur core and move the ball on both sides of your body.
  7. After you workout make sure to stretch again.
  8. Then another day you can do legs or arms depending on what you feel like.
  9. Theres also very good people you can find online that can help you get better in shape way faster or you can download apps those help for you in under a month.