Super Bowl review and reflections

Alejandro Martinez, photographer, writer

As you’re aware by now, the Patriots beat the Rams on Sunday in Super Bowl 53 at the Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta, The 11 time Super Bowl appearance, 6 time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady took home his 6th Super Bowl ring, tying the Patriots up with the Pittsburgh Steelers for the most Super Bowl wins in the NFL.

The game was predicted to see the Rams would soundly beat, but what really showed was that the game had been a fairly low scoring one. The game of the year was tied up for almost the time, with a score of zero to zero for almost two quarters and Patriots 3 Rams 3 for the other quarter. The game was more of a defensive game and not so much a move the ball and score.

Tom Brady being a 41 year old staring quarter is known for gettingĀ  the ball and keeping it moving until he throws it for a touchdown, but that was not the situation in the big game. The defense for both the Rams and the Patriots gave strong game that kept everyone on their toes wondering who would make the first touchdown.

Half-Time Show

The half time show featured Maroon 5, headed by Adam Levine, with guest appearance by Travis Scott a new age rapper and Big Boi an old school rapper. The buzz about the show is that it was one of the dullest performances ever in a half-time, while some liked the show and thought it was very good. Some felt the show was sloppy and unorganized. In some years the NFL books a main show and then ask other artist to perform at the show but in some cases the guest cast a shadow on the main singer.

In one year specifically Super Bowl 50 had announced that the main singer Cold Play a British Rock group had been forgotten because the guest performers, Beyonce and Bruno Mars had casted a gigantic shadow over them. Same thing had happened this year but the only difference was that during Super Bowl 50 everyone had agreed that the Half time show had been good and this year there has been some controversy whether it was good or not.

Tom Brady’s Post Game Plans

Patriots starting quarter back Tom Brady made it crystal clear that he would not be retiring from the NFL. Brady had said “zero chance” to an interviewer that asked him weather he would retire. In the same interview he said he plans on retiring at the age of 45, and it seems he will keep his word.

What about Patrick Mahomes?

Patrick Mahomes, first year starting quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs had played a very good season but they had not made it to the Super Bowl after his last loss against Patriots. Mahomes is a 23- year-old player who has proved his worth to be a starting quarterback. Next year will be 50 years since the Chiefs have been to a Super Bowl. Everyone hopes that they make it ending their streaks and showing the nation that the Patriots can be beat.

“Patrick Mahomes is an excellent quarterback who has performed as one of the best rookie quarter backs coming into the NFL. When he had first left Texas Tech it had been a rough transition but now that he has made it to a professional league in the NFL and a starter quarterback for the Chiefs I think that the next few years will be some of the best and judging from this previous season I can possibly see a very bright future for this young quarterback,” said Ian Crowe, 10.