Cosmetology: More than a class

Nicholas Ramos and Jasmine Barnett



Emilee Otto
painting a customer nails


Cosmetology is one of the many programs that allow student to get there license and get hours to complete there certification to become a nail technician, beautician, and salonist.


What does Cosmetology means to you?

Tse Morgan, 10, said, “Cosmetology means coming out and immediately having a very good job and having people skills.”

Soina Nolasu, 12, said, “Cosmos means the styling and creativity to do with hair .”

What are the benefits of being in Cosmetology?

Morgan- ”I’ve always wanted to be a hairstylist now its really cool! I get to do it  way cheaper than going to college to get my license.”

Nolasu- “Getting to work in a salon after high school.”

What are your plans after getting your license from Cosmetology?

Morgan- ”I want to go to college and work part-time at a salon near my college.”

Soina Nolasu- “Getting to work at my own salon.”

What was your favorite  subject to learn in cosmetology?

Morgan- “My favorite subject to learn was blow-drying hair.”

Nolasu- ” To learn how to do rollers were my fav subject to learn.”


What keeps you coming to cosmetology?

Morgan- “It’s fun and it’s almost like a challenge and you learn a lot.”

Nolasu- “Learning different styles for different types of hair.”