When hair is distracting

District dress code needs to get in line with the times


Faith Knott, 10, tells about her first-hand experience of going against the school’s hair style policy.

Faith Knott

About two weeks ago, I made the choice to dye my hair purple. When school started the color was still in my hair and I was warned if I didn’t have it changed by that Monday, I would be sent to ISS. That coming Monday, I still didn’t have it changed. For that day I was sent to ISS.
The hair policy here at Hays High School has has never made sense to me. I’ve tried questioning staff members and I always got the same response, which was they don’t know. What’s crazy is that people spend over $100 in order to get their hair done and then get told by an AP that they either have to change it back by the end of the week or get sent to in school suspension

To me, it seems that staff are inconsiderate for students when it comes to this. The reason I think that is because when asking a teacher why it was a big deal, they said “you should’ve known better.” A student could be totally unaware of the hair policy and get their hair done a crazy color but then are told to get rid of it.
Another thing that doesn’t make sense is why ISS. Why such a severe punishment for something so small. Now, since I was sent to ISS for not even a full day, I can’t take exemptions for the end of the year final.

It’s confusing on how they apply this policy and have such strong punishments for it but have no clue as to why it’s in the code of conduct.

Hays is the only high school in the area I’m aware of that has this policy because throughout elementary school and middle school, hair color has never been a huge deal. There are more important things to catch in this school than a students hair color.

I believe the Hays school board should look over the the hair policy, they’re surrounded by schools who allow their student body to have unnatural hair colors. Dying our hair is a form of expression that us kids have and the school takes it away and gives us a punishment for it. It seems unnecessary and irrelevant to be included in the dress code policy.