Holiday break gives students time with friends and family

Cameron Gray, Photographer/Writer

Where do you go for Holiday break?

Christmas time is a time that anyone can enjoy, no matter the circumstances. Christmas is a time that you can get together with friends and family to enjoy quality time with one-another. The best days of the break are Christmas Eve and of course, Christmas Day. Opening gifts, hanging out with family, and just enjoying the day and not being at work or at school.

Hunter Peevey, 10, talks a little bit about what he likes to do for Christmas break: “I go to my dad’s for Christmas Eve and come back the next day to open presents with my brother and my mom, but I also go to my grandparents the same day. This year I plan on changing it up and hanging out with a couple of friends on Christmas day because family can get annoying at times. No one likes family time all the time, so I thought that it’d be a good idea to get away for awhile with some friends.”


“I don’t really have a choice, but we usually go hangout with a lot of family during Christmas, like anyone else. I like to go out and play a little bit of golf and hangout with some friends. Also, I like to hangout with my family and enjoy the break while I have it. On Christmas Eve, we go to church in the morning, and have family over later that day and have a Christmas dinner.” Matthew Hyde, 12, said.


“Normally I like to go to both of my grandparent’s houses and we have our own Christmas with them, and we tend to not do very much after that. I just stay at home and enjoy Christmas with my family,” says Jacob Medel, 12. “I also like to play golf during the break because I practice most of the time anyway, and I don’t want to mess up my regular schedule of practicing. I tend to practice every week because of being on the golf team, but I also like to practice during break and it gets me out of the house.”