Netflix Review: Voltron- The Legendary Defenders Edition

Carlos E. Sanchez, Entertainment editor

Netflix has seen countless original masterpieces. Stranger Things, The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, House of Cards, Fuller House, and Voltron: The Legendary Defenders. Voltron: The Legendary Defender is a revival of the old 1984 show, Voltron. Voltron TLD is an epic and beautiful re-imaging of the original show. I thought now that we are stuck at home, I would rewatch this one and properly review it. I’m trying my best to keep this spoiler free but beware of minor spoilers.


The show starts with our five heroes Lance, Keith, Pidge, Hunk and Shiro when they find the blue lion.
Voltron is made up of five mechanical lions. A blue, red, green, yellow and black. But these are magical and robotic; all also get their corresponding Bayard (a weapon that works similar to how Voltron does) except for the black lion, Shiro, because someone else has it (back to them later). The lions were scattered around the Universe but the team reunited them in the one hour premier.  The blue lion leads them to the castle of lions where they reawaken two Alteans. Princess Allura and Corran. The five become the paladins of Voltron. The defenders of the universe. Allura has magical abilities that help them while Corran (who is really silly) is extremely smart and knows a lot about the world beyond Earth.


It starts with them learning how to fly Voltron and fighting smaller baddies. They started what’s known as the Voltron Coalition. An alliance between planets and realms to fight the war against the Gallra. The Gallra are lead by their Emperor Zarkon and the witch, Hagar. The Gallra are trying to take back the black lion because Zarkon was the original paladin of the black lion so he still has that bond with it.
The Gallra were the biggest empire with a ton of power, honor and death. It is also the name of their species. And that is pretty much the premise of the show. Five people, who have control of magical robot lions, fight aliens. obviously it has it’s twists and turns which just makes the story so good. There is so much I want to say about it but I can’t due to spoilers. At a certain point, Prince Lotor (Zarkon’s son) joins into the mix and it just get’s even crazier from there because his allegiance is questioned and twists constantly.

It’s unlike any show on Netflix because they’re willing to risk it all. The cast and characters are extremely diverse in gender, sexuality, race, species, etc. It’s very inclusive which is not really seen in mainstream media.
Voltron TLD was a perfect re-imagining of the original show. The main villains (Zarkon, Lotor, and Honerva) were perfect. Especially Honerva, who is final boss of the show.All the characters are charming, hilarious, and important. In some shows or movies, you can tell that some of the “main characters” were thrown aside. here everyone has a purpose in the story and is important. It takes so many twists and constantly socks its audience.

The show wasn’t afraid to spit in the face of stereotypes.  Voltron itself is such an weird concept that shouldn’t work. But yet it does, and it makes a beautiful story. They transformed a little 80 s show about robot magic cats into a story of war, sacrifice, and magic robot cats.
This show is amazing and worth the watch. It can be confusing, and is very weird, but it is just so enjoyable. Even through the depressing parts, it is just a fun watch. Most shows these days don’t get to live on to it’s natural end and I’m so glad this one did.