Captain Marvel Trailer Review

Carlos Sanchez, entertainment editor

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Last year the biggest movie event in all history came out. Even if you don’t like any Marvel movies you’ve heard about Avengers Infinity War. All the different heroes and teams meet up and die to the hands of Thanos. In the next movie, Antman and The Wasp, Ant Man is stuck in the quantum zone and it ends. The next Marvel movie will be about the all mighty, Captain Marvel. The Superman of the Marvel Universe. On December 3rd, Marvel revealed it’s second Captain Marvel trailer.

We learn of an alien race called the Skrulls. They are shape shifters and extremely powerful. In fact they make us question everything we know about the MCU. Who else could be a Skrull? We then see a passed out Carol Danvers (Captain Marvel) and something hooked up to her head. The woman doing this to her says they are saving her and giving her the power of the Cre. The Cre is another alien race which has the powers of kinetic energy and flight. It is unknown if these memories were real because the woman doing this to her seemed suspicious. We then see Carol with her team called the Star Force. Carol is trying to figure out who she really is in this war between the skrulls and the Cre. an interesting line she says,”I’m not here to join your war, I’m here to end it.” This is obviously referring to Infinity War. We then see her with her iconic mohawk mask. And the last shot of interest is marvel at her full power.

So what does this all mean? Well first off, there is no mention of Super Skrulls at all. They are like normal skrulls but so much scarier and stronger. We see a lot of the Skrull leader, Tallows, which is probably the main antagonist of the movie. The skrulls are famously evil so it’s kinda obvious he is, but they could have switched it up for the MCU. Captain Marvel looks like how she should, just like the comics. This will be the last movie before Avengers Four so this is going to be worth the watch.