Detective Pikachu trailer review


Carlos Sanchez, Writer

Last year a cute little Pokemon side game came out. It was called Detective Pikachu. It was a mystery game for children and it was pretty neat. Pikachu was voiced by Ryan Reynolds aka ‘Deadpool’ so that was kind of weird but it got pretty positive reviews. A little bit later, Game Freak (the creators of Pokemon) said there will be a live action adaptation of the game. No one believed them. This kind of thing happens all the time but it never comes through. But November 12th, Warner Brothers unveiled the first trailer for the movie. Yes- Warner Brothers, the same people that made the Harry Potter movies, DC movies, and even The Lord of the Rings/ The Hobbit movies.

This is the kind of thing where you so desperately want to hate it. But you can’t. Because it looks very good. A live action Pokemon movie is what fans have wanted for years. Except this movie doesn’t seem all kiddy and fun like the game. It looks dark and also extremely funny. Ryan Reynolds is still Pikachu but he actually fits in here, like he had more time to practice being Pikachu.

The trailer starts with the main character, Tim, walking through a city in the Pokemon world. You can spot a Dugtrio

and a Charmander in this frame. Then it shows Tim. Immediately they establish that his dad has been missing and Tim is not like him. Tim wanted to be a Pokemon Trainer but couldn’t for an unknown reason. That’s when he finds Detective Pikachu in his house. But Tim is somehow able to hear it talk and he is the only one. Tim doesn’t want a Pokemon so he tries to get Pikachu to leave. This is when Pikachu says he is a detective on the case to try to find Tim’s dad. It then cuts to missing posters for two Pokemon, Squirtle and Pancham. We next see Tim and Pikachu walk with lots of Bulbasaurs. It cuts to a Jigglypuff with a marker and upset which is an excellent call back to the Pokemon anime because in it Jigglypuff sings and puts everyone to sleep. And then it gets mad that people fell asleep through its song so it draws on their faces.

Next we see a Pokemon fight club, which I assume to be a Pokemon gym or battle arena. In it we see Charizard and he looks awesome in this new style. We then see (my favorite Pokemon) Greninja. There are three of them in the air, they seem to be attacking something. Presumably, Tim and Pikachu. We see Tim and Pikachu in the next shot at the fight club, and there’s a squirtle, and he’s adorable. The next shot a hallway blows up, fun. We next see Tim and Pikachu in a car with a mystery girl and a Psyduck. Next the duo and their Pokemon pals are cowering in fear as a large mountain starts to fall over or maybe it’s an avalanche. It’s hard to tell. next is a funny yet relatable scene where Pikachu is interrogating Mr. Mime (yes that’s a Pokemon). More menacing Greninja attacks, hooray. Psyduck screams and sends off a sound blast. The last scene is Pikachu falling into the mouth of the beastly Charizard.

And that’s it. We know very little about the plot but it’s okay for now. The movie looks epic and beautiful. First, thank God Ryan Reynolds doesn’t play the normal Pikachu voice. Only Detective Pikachu. Other people hear normal Pikachu, though. Next, Tim is no longer white. In the game he was a generic white kid but now he’s played by Justice Smith. And no he’s not related to Will Smith. The realistic Pokemon look awesome. Pikachu is still adorable but he looks real. In fact ass the Pokemon look beautiful.

A big controversy was Jigglypuff’s fur. Everyone complained. But in the official Pokedex entry, ever since the first games (red and blue) it said she had fur. So people apparently can’t read. Next is Mr. Mime. He became a meme overnight. People found him really creepy, which is understandable. He does have a face of terror. His expressions instantly got memed.

This is all we know about the movie so far. It looks insanely awesome. It isn’t like DC dark but it also isn’t as bright as traditional Pokemon. It has to be kid friendly because, Pokemon. This movie is supposed to be for an older audience but still appeal to kids. Detective Pikachu went from being a strange spin off and it became the first live action Pokemon experience ever.