Toy Story Four

the first teaser trailer is here


courtesy Pixar

Coming this summer

Carlos Sanchez, writer

It’s finally happening. After years of hints and clues, it’s been revealed. Toy Story Four will come out next summer (the summer of 2019). The original Toy Story is the first feature length computer animated film. When it came out in 1995, it captured everyone’s heart. This gave Pixar its name, it’s what really started their business. They kept on making more and more masterpieces. Like Wall- E, Up, The Incredibles, and Cars just to name a few. So obviously there was going to be a Toy Story 2. The second was originally meant to be straight for DVD but everyone loved it, so they put it in theaters. This movie was just as big as a hit but it was kind of sad.

Toy Story 3 may be the saddest movie to grace the Earth. This one has been hyped longer than Toy Story 4 has. It got very dark very fast. And I won’t go into spoiler territory for this story because the series is so amazing and it deserves to be watched a hundred times over. Now in my story for Toy Story 4 (whenever it is) you better believe there will be spoilers galore.

Right around when Coco was coming out (2017) Toy Story 4 was officially unveiled. We saw nothing but a logo. This is what initiated the hype train. Even though there is nothing there, fans tried decoding like, “WHY IS THE LOGO IN ANDY’S ROOM!!!” But there was nothing concrete. But November 12th rolled in. The first teaser trailer was unveiled.

The trailer is most of the characters holding hands and spinning (in a similar fashion as the end of Toy Story 3). But then a weird character popped up. It is a spork with a face. He gets scared and freaks out which causes everyone to fall. Then the logo is shown with the reveal window of Summer 2019.

This spork brings up a lot of questions like, how does a spork gain life? Or how does a spork become a toy? Is it because Bonnie plays with it? But basically all these can be answered by the Pixar Theory. The theory, in a nutshell, is that all Pixar movies are in the same universe and tells a grand story of humans, inanimate objects, machines, monsters and humans again. It’s very long and crazy. But one of the main things is that, human emotion gives life to objects. So Bonnie loving this spork toy gave it life.

The day after this, November 30th, they revealed another teaser with two circus prize stuffed animals talking. Their names are Ducky and Bunny. They are talking and getting the famous quote “to infinity and beyond” quote wrong. Woody and Buzz come out and correct them but Ducky and Bunny laugh because it doesn’t make sense.

Tom Hanks (the voice actor for Woody) said when he was recording his lines, the ending was so sad he couldn’t face the crew as he read his lines. That’s kinda scary since Toy Story 3 may have been the saddest movie ever, no one knows how they’re going to be able to top themselves. The last bit of information we have is the description Pixar put on YouTube. Bonnie goes on a road trip with her family and she brings her toys. She also brings Forky. Forky feels like he doesn’t belong with the rest of them. This Toy Story, undoubtedly, will be the best one yet.