Starbucks vs Summer Moon: Christmas Edition


Alex Holmes

The Frozen Hot Chocolate is definitely worth the price.

Matthew Salazar, writer, photographer

Similar to how earlier this year I reviewed on Starbucks and Summer Moon’s fall seasonal drinks, I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to discuss how each coffee shop handles the winter’s most prevalent drink– hot cocoa.

Both locations offer their own spin on this classic and they both taste just they’re supposed to. Summer Moon is presented in a nice styrofoam cup and a 16 oz. will set you back $3.45 while the similar sized version at Starbucks will set you back a whopping $6.75. However, Starbucks does put in a little extra work, adding whip cream and chocolate syrup on top, something the more minimalistic aesthetic of Summer Moon lacks.

Sadly, despite Starbucks’ drink looking more presentable than the other, if you were to take away the whip cream and chocolate syrup, the taste is practically identical. Not to mention, as with most Starbucks drinks, the wait is almost twice as long as Summer Moon, as well as almost double the price. Sure the presentation is there, but for almost $3 extra you have to ask yourself: is it really worth it?

Not to mention that Summer Moon has a hidden gem– the frozen hot chocolate– something that Starbucks lacks. And if Starbucks did offer a frozen hot chocolate it would more than likely put their rank higher for me simply because I feel that they could put their own spin on it.

That gem is the Frozen Hot Chocolate. At first when I heard about it I was rather confused considering the whole point of a hot chocolate is to be hot, in which you’d be forgiven. But actually, the frozen version they offer is very delicious. A 16 oz. costs $5 and it’s very much worth it. It reminded me of a mocha frappuccino, but cheap and just as flavorful. I enjoyed it and highly recommend that everyone go out and try one.

Once again Summer Moon takes the cake– or in this case hot cocoa in this battle of coffee shops.