Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Leak Season was kind of Insane

Carlos Sanchez, Writer

2018 was looking pretty dry for Nintendo releases. All we were getting was Kirby Star Allies and Mario Tennis Aces. But then in April, a new Super Smash Brothers game was announced. Smash is a celebration of Nintendo and gaming. The most unlikely of matchups are possible. Smash is a game but it’s more like an event. It’s also a high target for leaks, which is what this article is about. The game was fully revealed to be titled Super Smash Brothers Ultimate, at E3. Then they announced afterwards a lot of stuff, including the base roster of fighters. The newcomers are the Inklings (Splatoon) Daisy (Mario), Ridley (Metroid), Simon Belmont (Castlevania), Richter Belmont (Castlevania), Chrom (Fire Emblem), Dark Samus(Metroid), King K. Rool(Donkey Kong), Isabelle(Animal Crossing), Ken(Street Fighter), and Incineroar (Pokemon).

Our first noteable leak was the LOZ 18 leak. He was a person on 4chan that got a lot right for other games. For Smash he leaked Richter Belmont, Isaac (Golden Sun), and Skull Kid (The Legend of Zelda). But he disappeared from 4chan and smashboards. Apparently, he’s still leaking in a random Discord server, but all his credibility has been lost.

Our next leak is one that was 100% correct which is The Papa Genos leak. Papa Genos is a smash speculation/ leak channel. Someone he trusted came to him and told him about these things called spirits in Smash Ultimate. Spirits will replace trophies and power up your fighter. He got everything right to the tee.

This leak is very complicated and insane. It’s dubbed the Grinch leak. I’ll explain in a second. There was this Snapchat posts of the full Smash Bros Banner. Including all the fighters. At this point everyone but Ken and Incineroar have been revealed. It had Banjo and Kazooie(Banjo Kazooie), Isaac, Shadow the Hedgehog(Sonic the Hedgehog), Chorus kids(Rhythm Heaven), Ken, Geno(SUper Mario RPG, and Mach Rider(Mach Rider). This was taken at a promotional art printing company that is also working on the Grinch, which we can see in the posts. It went back to a man named Eric Bricard. He worked at this one company that worked for Bandai Namco (a huge contributing company to Sakuri ((The creator of Smash Bros)) and his team). But the company said this guy hasn’t worked for them for two years. Then his current job was found but they didn’t give a response. Bricard said he didn’t but he could be lying. The company even deleted one of their videos to protect themselves. But the leak was proved wrong when Incinerator appeared.

There’s one leaker though, one who hasn’t been wrong before. His name is Vergeben. He lurks in Smashboards, Game FAQS, and 4Chan. He has not a thing wrong. He predicted Incineroar, Ken, Isabelle, and incineroar. He is still firm in his beliefs that there will be rep from Square Enix (a gaming company) and some kind of Minecraft representation. He even leaked the Piranha Plant.

There’s been a ton of fake image and word leaks. Some caught our attention but most didn’t. Smash speculation isn’t over because of the DLC. Maybe we will get more than five dlc newcomers. This game, no matter what, will be the best Smash Brothers ever. It is truly, Ultimate.