Will LeBron James Retire?

James experiences troubles with emotional defeat with his new, and possibly last NBA team.

Aidan Martinez, sports editor, photographer

The new Los Angeles Laker LeBron James has been stressing out these past two weeks. After a 2-5 start with his new team LeBron has warned his new teammates to stay away from him when he runs out of patience. 

“You don’t want to be near me when I run out of patience. I’m serious,” James said to the press. 

When LeBron entered the league he had to make a name for himself. The first two years in his career he missed the playoffs but in the 05-06 season, LeBron lead the Cleveland Cavaliers to the playoffs and since then hasn’t missed out on them. After winning multiple titles: two in Miami and one in Cleveland, LeBron has taken on the challenge to bring a title back to Hollywood in Los Angeles.

“Eighteen years and I’ve been in this light. So, I’ve already exceeded everything I’ve ever dreamed about. At this point, I’m just adding crazy toppings on the cake, and whatever happens, happens,” James said.

Time is running out for LeBron as he is entering age thirty three, and is playing in his 15th NBA season. LeBron has played almost half of his life in the NBA, although he claims he  is in the best shape in his life, a young and inexperienced team may not benefit him as he looks to make his 9th straight NBA Finals appearance. He will have to go through a tough Western Conference which features the Golden State Warriors and the Houston Rockets.    

“The game will let you know when it’s over with. I kind of look at retiring for me as like getting engaged. I didn’t know if I was ready or not, but I just felt like it was the time,” James said.