Shane Dawson’s The Mind of Jake Paul is over

and fans are still shocked

Carlos Sanchez, Writer

If you know what youtube is, you’ve at least heard of Shane Dawson before. He started making crazy, offensive, and controversial skits on his channel, Shane Dawson TV. They usually had a message that were really heartfelt and sad. Then he started a second channel just called Shane. He just made sit down videos, talking to the camera. Or he would do tags, challenges, goofy stories, and conspiracy theories. This ushered in the second era of Shane. He started to make daily food videos and hired a couple other people to make videos to upload on the weekends. But he started to get depressed creatively. This brings in our current era of Shane, the documentor. His friend Garrett Watts introduced Shane to Andrew Siwicki. Andrew started working with Shane immediately. That’s when Shane started to make videos that he wanted. He reunited with his dad and started doing more ghost hunting videos. They were like before and had a message, still funny, and less offensive. That’s when he started doing legitimate series. The most notable before one’s before the Jake Paul one is the Grav3yardgirl series, the baby series, the Jeffree Star series, and the Trisha Paytas series.

After the Jeffree series, he went on break for a couple months when an image of Shane and Jake Paul surfaced onto the internet. Jake Paul is one of the most controversial Youtubers of all time. He’s the one that terrorized his neighbors, made a giant fire in his backyard, and he was abusive to his girlfriends. People got mad at Shane for even working with Jake. Shortly after Shane posted a teaser for the series and the internet blew up. It was already controversial before part one came out. And when Shane said it was eight parts, people got even angrier.

The part one came out. The internet died. This part went over a lot of Jake’s past and asking if he was a sociopath. But part two really got some bones rattled. Part two was him talking to a psychologist about Jake. The reason people got upset was the editing. Shane loves editing horror stuff. He made being a sociopath sound extremely scary and just made it feel like a horror video. Shane got a lot hate for it but the show had to move on. Part three was researching the family. Part four he interviewed Nick Crompton, an ex member of Team Ten (Tea Ten is Jake’s crew of people). Nick told us a lot of information like how all the pranks are fake and how living in the Team Ten house really was.

Part five and six, Shane, Andrew (Andrew is also the camera man), and Katie (the therapist) actually went to Jake’s home. The trio had some serious talks with Jake and his girlfriend, Erika Costell. Except Jake didn’t know Katie was a therapist because Shane told him she was a producer. They dove into the Alissa Violet situation which led to part seven. Alissa Violet exposed Jake of being abusive which Jake didn’t believe. Then Jake cussed Alissa’s new boyfriend, FaZe Banks of abusing Jake’s assistant. It’s still unclear if the assistant was lying but Jake didn’t make it up for views. He posted it for views though. That the basis of it.

So part seven, Shane and Andrew went to the clout house, the home of FaZe. The home of Alissa Violet. This is where Alissa tells the world that her and Jake were never a real couple. She tried to tell her side of the story but as many people pointed out, she was most likely lying because her body language and just the way she acted. It is still unknown if she really was lying or not.

Part eight, the finale, was Jake coming over and having the huge serious talk with him. They dug into the Martinez twins situation, his brother getting together with Alissa while they were still “dating” (?), and so much more. Jake may have been lying too but it was kinda obvious he wasn’t. At some points he was crying which is something he’s never done on camera. It felt genuine and I don’t think he’s that good of an actor.

The documentary series is now over. Shane is finally able to sleep. Everything is calm now, after the storm. Shane said he had over 25 hours of footage from the ordeal. The series hit trending several times, pretty much having the number one spot until it was over.  If you’ve been living under a rock and don’t know about it, watch it now. If I am smart and now how to do things right, the first episode should be right under this final paragraph. The series was above a level most tv shows strive for. I think everyone is just waiting for what Shane and his crew are going to do next.