Senior T-shirts

Christina Robles, photographer

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There has been a lot of discussion about the senior shirt voting and coming up with shirt designs. Some seniors have been disappointed in the designs the teachers/staff come up with which are somewhat all the same for the past two years, seniors want to go out in style and want to show what school they just left and be proud.

Marisa Ramirez, 12, said, “Oh, I definitely will vote for our senior shirt and who knows maybe if I have time I’ll design one too since I’m in graphic design… I want to get a senior shirt that I’ll actually proudly wear.”

Any senior would agree they want a shirt that they will actually be proud to wear now and long after graduation. So if you want part in the senior class shirt voting sign up with Remind for class of 2019 to help vote, and if you want to do more and make a shirt that people would actually wear create one and submit your design to Shelly Plumley before next Wednesday, Oct. 31.