Pennies for patients

Donate your change, help leukemia fighters

Ethan Longoria, writer, photographer

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The National Honors Society is sponsoring a project that is giving awareness to patients with leukemia and lymphoma Diseases. The event, happening from October 22nd to November 9th, is called Pennies for Patients and it gives local and national patients help with  bills and medications.

It is a super easy and super efficient way to donate to your community. During a participating 2nd period class, students will be able to donate anything they have into the class coin collection box. Donors may also give back to the community online if that’s easier.

The class with the most money collected will get cookies from local bakery Tiff’s Treats, and the winning department will get breakfast tacos and donuts.

So think twice next time the collection box comes around in class because not only will there be a chance to win prizes, but it’s also a good cause.