‘Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared’

The YouTube series is coming back from the dead in a whole new way

Carlos Sanchez, Writer

Back in 2011 a video was released unto the world titled, Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared. The video seemed to be a creepy kid’s TV show. But it was so much more. It instantly became a cult classic. Everyone was talking about it and trying to decipher what it all meant. Slowly after that five more parts came out, the last one being in 2016. Each one tried to tackle a normal theme but always got darker. The themes were creativity, time, love, technology, healthy eating and dreams in that respective order. The main three characters were Yellow Guy, Red Guy and the Duck. With the recurring character, Yellow guy’s dad, who’s name is Roy. In every episode something sings to our three main characters and try to teach all these lessons. But there was always a dark twist at the end.

The creativity episode ended up teaching that being creative is wrong. The time episode dramatically turned dark and said time will end up killing us all. The love episode turned into a message about cults and religion. The technology episode teaches that technology will brainwash you and is useless. Healthy eating was straight up lying and turned into a gut wrenching horror (literally). Dreams was basically just to torture the Yellow Guy.

Now what does this all mean? A lot of theorist have came together to make the pretty much definitive story. The show is the Red guy’s. It was his idea as proved in the the cutting scenes in the dream episode. He is singing the creativity song in a bar. Roy was there and heard the song. Roy ,in the theory, is the advertiser. He is making Red Guy’s dream of having a kid show reality. The message is always twisted in some way because of Roy and Red Guy hated it. So in the technology episode, when he found out he could do the show without Roy, online, it blew his mind. And that’s when he left the show. When Red Guy leaves, the next episode (healthy eating) is full of advertisements for stuff like Roy’s Flakes or Roy’s Grains.

Red Guy was trying to tell the Duck about his revelation but the show (literally) murdered the Duck. So the dreams episode just tortures Yellow Guy. He misses his friends and is being tortured. The show’s creators said he was afraid of horses, chickens, eggs, etc and he’s allergic to them.  And in the episode he’s riding a horse and in the love episode he’s eating chicken and eggs. So why is Roy doing this to his son? Well in an interview with the puppets and the creators, Roy basically said his son needs to be punished.

At the end of the final episode, Red Guy pulls the plug on the show and it resets. The set is a lot emptier and everyone is their favorite color from the first episode. Red Guy started his show online without the influence of the media and Roy. There’s a lot more evidence to the theory but that’s the short version. And that wasn’t short at all. It wrapped the story up with a pretty little bow and everyone was content, except for the some europeans who didn’t like the theory because it is making fun of the BBC except the creators are European. (Like I said, I barely scratched the surface of it).

We thought it was all over once Game Theory uploaded it’s final theory that everyone universally agrees on. Then September Third of 2018, after a couple yeas of the creators hinting at it, they released a new video. It wasn’t a new episode. It was a teaser trailer. The characters are their original colors and the production value was marked up from a ten to a thirty. It looks very intense and amazing. But the craziest part was when they announced they were working with CONACO. The company that is created by Conan O’Brien. They are also working with Super Deluxe, a company that specializes in TV shows and movies. No channel has picked up the DHMIS show yet but fans are hoping it’s Netflix.

The teaser shows that they are living in ClayHill. The mayor has vanished and the house is different. A key is singing to them (so probably an episode on safety). The Duck is hooked up to a huge machine in the mayor’s office and he looks in extreme pain. A pink haired Yellow Guy (presumably Yellow Guy’s special one from the love episode) watches. The city is ClayHill is on lockdown with the Duck on big screens with an unreadable message. There’s a large purple door, a weird purple face, then it’s over. Being only twenty nine seconds, it’s insanely packed. Some people think it reflects American politics. But it’ll most likely further the message of the original. How? Honestly, it’s impossible to tell.

Among the ranks of Salad Fingers and any Shane Dawson Video, Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared will live in infamy as one of Youtube’s masterpieces. The fanbase is more alive then ever right now. It’s a great time to get caught up before the impending doom falls upon the earth.