Review: ‘Nappily Ever After’


‘Nappily’ addresses stereotypes and culture

Alyssa Allen, photographer

In the recent months Netflix has come up with an abundance of new  TV series and movies. A recent movie that came out recently is ‘Nappily Ever After.’

The movie is about a perfectionist in her 30s named Violet. Violet is a big time executive and for her hair has always been everything. Ever since Violet was 6 years old her hair was always perfect, thanks to her Mom.

“When I was little, my mom would always make sure my hair looked good, personally I really like this movie because its relatable,” sophomore Jamie Wise said.

One day she overhears her boyfriend, Clint, talking about how he wants to take their relationship to the “next step,” so she assumes that he is going to propose. Long story short- he doesn’t. Clint says their relationship was like a “two-year first date.”

Due to his hurtful words, Violet goes through a tremendous hair journey and ends up dying her hair blonde and eventually shaving her head. 

The movie addresses the love-hate relationship many black women have with their hair. And about the journey toward self acceptance.

Throughout the movie Violet realizes that not everything is about hair and really finds her inner self.