Composing the perfect parking spot


Cooper Denton and Juan Gallardo Nino

This class of 2019 is taking advantage of the opportunity to express itself– in parking spot art.

Showing off their creativity and artistic talents by painting their spots in the senior parking lot, it’s hard not to notice the brightly colored portraits of parking art.

For a fee of $35, as well as a sketch of their plan, a senior can paint their parking spot. In order to paint a dream spot for your car, submit a rough draft to the school administration.  The regulations for the painting are: It must be school appropriate and original.

Zach Moon… based his parking spot on a Sponge Bob reference. “I did it because I like Sponge Bob and I thought it was funny.”

After evaluation and approval, students can paint a spot outside of school hours any day

“I did mine as a prescription pad for Senioritis, because it was the most original one I saw and I didn’t think anybody else would do it,” said Anneliese Schreier on what inspired  her to create her masterpiece.

of the week.  It is a great way for seniors to get involved and raise some money for graduation.  All of the money made in this new, creative activity goes towards Hays Project Graduation.