Coach Les Goad brings experience and dedication to HHS

Aidan Martinez, sports editor

First year athletic coordinator and Hays High School head football Coach Les Goad has taken Hays by storm. His football program has started off 4-0 and has taken central Texas by storm. Coach Goad is coming from Navarro High School after his 11 year tenure. With the strong tradition that is held at Hays high school, Coach Goad took it as a challenge to to come into a 6A program with the mindset to want to “bring Hays back to some of the days they’ve had over the years,” Goad said. Over the past four weeks the Rebel varsity football team has started off with a 4-0 record. Coach Goad and the senior class have really complimented each other. “There’s a good group of leaders along with a mix of talent, but the main purpose the Rebels have started off well is because the team has bought into the program and have really competed,” Goad said.

At a young age coach Goad fell in love with sports as many young kids do. His parents were the ones he looked up to at a young age. As he got into the junior high and high school levels coach Goad fell in love with coaching. The coaches and teammates that guided him and that developed strong relationships with him helped persuade him into becoming a coach by the ninth grade. “When you got to junior high and high school, your coaches were the ones that guided you and helped established a good relationship” he said.

As a coach, Les Goad wants to help his team reach their potential while establishing a tradition and reputation of a fully discipline, strong player with great attitudes and an eye for competition. But the main goal is to guide young men into making not only good but great decisions while also becoming successful off the field into society.

Going into the season there was a lot of speculation with Coach Goad coming in. The Rebel varsity football team made the playoffs for the first time in three years and it seemed that Coach Neal LaHue had really turned the program around. But on the field the players and staff have showed they have Goad’s back. “The buy-in is the most important piece. When you get a group of people that are bought in they get a chance to excel and show their true potential. Hearing that that is the perception It means a lot along with being off to a great start,” Goad said.

Coach Goad has been coaching in the state of Texas for the past 32 years while being a head coach for 22 of those years. “It seems like that at each place I’ve been at I’ve been fortunate enough to develop a strong traditional program.”

Coach Goad has been very successful in his coaching career winning multiple district championships and making some great playoff runs. “I’ve been very fortunate to learn under some very good coaches and am pleased to help develop that winning atmosphere,” he said.

With a 4-0 record the Rebel varsity football team looks to keep rolling has they have picked up steam. The Rebel varsity football team will take on the Akins high school varsity football team Friday October 5th on homecoming night. For now the Rebel varsity football team would like to celebrate the H.

“Talking to a lot of athletes- the main message is to make opportunities count. Take advantage of every opportunity and help make Hays High School proud,” Goad said.

*Update: The Rebels record at the time of publishing is 7-1, with Friday’s Lake Travis game being pivotal to District standing.