Wise Words About Wisdom Teeth

Smart things to do after your wisdom teeth removal

Hannah Clark, Copy Editor, Writer

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So, your wisdom teeth are are starting to poke through, and you’re in pain. Well, here are some smart things to do before AND AFTER you get your teeth removed.

But first, some general knowledge.

People usually get their wisdom teeth taken out in their late teens or early twenties. People usually have four total wisdom teeth, two on the top, two on the bottom, one on each side, but there are some exceptions. Every person is different. People usually never have enough space for their teeth, so they need to get them taken out. Some people’s wisdom teeth can come in sideways, crooked, or even upside-down!

Now, what to do before and after the extraction:

  1. You are NOT allowed to eat six to eight hours before the surgery. (Yes, getting your wisdom teeth removed is technically a surgery.) So, I would recommend getting an appointment in the morning so you can sleep, and those sleeping hours can be your no-eating period.
  2. After the extraction, you may be a little loopy because of the medicine they give you. Feel free to have the adult accompanying you to record you in case you say anything hilarious and can have something to laugh about later!
  3. NO STRAWS!!!! That means, no milkshakes, no sodas from Chick Fil A or anything like that. Seriously, using a straw can give you dry socket. Dry socket is when a blood clot is removed because of something that pulls it out, so don’t do it! Just stick to liquids like applesauce and homemade smoothies. Just, no straws.
  4. Only liquid foods for a few days after the removal. Then, gradually ease into foods that you can bear to eat. Do not push yourself to eat something that you really want to eat, but will hurt you.
  5. Take a few days off to recover. You WILL be in a lot of pain unless you’re going to live off of pain meds for a few days, which I don’t recommend. Man up a bit!
  6. Always have someone nearby that you can rely on to help you. Verbal communication will be hard since you just had or are planning to have mouth surgery.
  7. Gargle salt-water. Yes, it sounds gross, but it’s to help clean out the holes where the teeth used to be. Do not skip out on this step, because it’ll be a painful experience if you don’t do it.

These are just a few tips to help you before and after you get your teeth removed. Listen to what your doctor has to say and DO IT. Seriously, these guys know what’s best for you and what you should and shouldn’t be doing. They know more than you do, so just do what they say so everything goes easy and nothing hurts.

Good luck and I hope you recover easily!