Starbucks VS Summer Moon

Matthew Salazar, writer

Okay fellow students, it’s time we settle this age-old debate– Starbucks or Summer Moon? Now of course good coffee is subjective but that doesn’t mean we can’t pit the two against each other in an all-out battle of what tastes better. I’ve taken three items off the menu from each selection and pitted them against each other to see which one’s are better. I rated every item chosen based on time it took to get ready, presentation, taste, and overall feeling.

First thing I grabbed from each place was a chai latte. At Starbucks the line was relatively short and after I ordered It took about 6 minutes for my drink to be ready. At Summer Moon it was a bit packed, but the lines were moving pretty fast. I need up getting my drink in three minutes. Exactly half the time it took Starbucks. I thought it being a simple drink that both would be similar in taste but in actuality had two very distinct tastes. Starbucks had a much sweeter taste than Summer Moon with an almost maple flavor to it, while Summer Moon’s counterpart was much more bitter, almost as if I had to add sugar to it.

Starbucks charged $3.75 for a 16 oz while Summer Moon charged $3.45, a 30 cent difference. Despite the faster service and very, very slight price difference, if I have to wait twice the time for an actual good hot morning drink, I’m choosing Starbucks.

Next, considering this is Texas, I had to rate their sweet tea. Something cold to contrast the heat from their coffee selection.

At Summer Moon I had to wait for less than a minute for tea. I simply asked for a sweet tea and they poured it in a cup for me and handed it to me and I was on my way. Very fast and a cheap $2.25 which lasted me about an hour when drinking it in moderation. Exceptionally sweet but not overwhelmingly so and a hint of lemon made it really stand out. Starbucks on the other hand made me wait about 3 minutes and for a $2.75 sweet tea. I didn’t even finish it. It was sweet tea but it wasn’t sweet, sweet tea. It tasted kinda bland and wasn’t as sweet as it could be. Disappointing considering their coffee was on point. Their tea needs vast improvement. Summer Moon wins for cold drinks.

Lastly I want to address food choices. Without a doubt Summer Moon easily wins this round. Their food choices are more expansive and cheaper than what Starbucks has to offer. After carefully comparing and contrasting the two coffee chains, I have to give the over all win to Summer Moon.

Less wait, more choices and locally owned all equal to a great experience that more people with be satisfied with than other opposing coffee shops.

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