Marvel’s Spider-Man for PS4 REVIEW

The best super hero game since Spider-Man 2?


The game takes place after Peter has donned the mask for 8 years, so he’s an experienced hero this time around.

Matthew Salazar, Staff

Spider-Man is yet another outstanding title in Sony’s first party library. It does what a lot of good art does, which is examine techniques and concepts that work well, and then blend and refine them to create something unique to itself and possibly greater. Insomniac Games has used their power responsibly while translating their vision of Spider-Man, and they’ve created his largest and most detailed adventure to date. They’ve taken lessons from their previous action-adventures, along with recent successful franchises in the super hero genre, showcasing what’s possible not only for Spider-Man, but for all comic book characters in this generation of games.

In the hour I played the game I experienced a mere fraction of what the game had to offer. I thought that I had been swinging all across New York when in actuality I hadn’t even left Chinatown. As soon as you start the game throws you into action. Peter Parker puts on his iconic suit and jumps out the window and from here you’re in full control of the spectacular wall crawler. You learn pretty much every base combat mechanic within the first 5 minutes as you’re pitted against some armed thugs. The combat is very reminiscent of the Batman Arkham series, albeit more fast paced. Spidey has access to his unique Spider sense which allows him to block incoming attacks and dodge bullets. The button combos takes some to get figured out but once you get down what does what, it’s all reflex.

“Spider-Man is definitely my game of the year. It’s easily the best super hero game of all time and I’m going to continue to play it until I die,” says avid player Devlin Dawson.

Spider-Man has so much to offer and the first layer of the game hasn’t even been scratched yet. It’s a must have title for PlayStation 4 owners and will surely keep you busy and entertained for hours on end.