Disenchantment Review

Hannah Clark, Writer, Copy Editor

Have you ever seen the Simpsons or Futurama and wondered what they would be like in medieval times, but combined? The new TV show, Disenchantment, by Matt Groening, is all about a princess named Tiabeanie (Bean for short), who is troubled with the problems of becoming an adult who is desperately doing everything she can to get out of being married off to some complete stranger.

Disenchantment was released to Netflix on August 17. Being one of Netflix’s ‘Featured’ items, I had seen the cover and read about it, but never really watched it.

I was amazed at the treasure I had found.

It starts off with Bean in The Flying Scepter tavern, funnily named, to say the least. She is sitting at a table, cards in hand, across from a man, who also has cards in his hands. The man pushes forward all his coin, and Bean puts her Tiara in as her bet.

As I said before, Bean is a very interesting character. Hard alcoholic, a severe rebel, and just wants to live her own life, without her father trying to control it. She wants everyone to forget that she’s the princess and just treat her like a normal person. She also wants to, kinda sorta, find love. Just a little. She’s more of a player than a solid commitment to some though. She also misses her mom, Queen Dagmar, who was said to be killed,. But later in the story is revealed to be turned into stone.

Elfo, this elf is the most adorable character in the history of TV-14 animated shows. He’s an elf who comes from Elfland, and in the first episode, is depicted as the most depressed elf in his homeland. He wants to seek out a place that is as equally as depressed as he is. He finds everything he wants in Dreamland, but the only problem is, is that he’s no longer the depressed in the depressing, he’s a happy-go-lucky elf in a depressing kingdom.

To me, that’s one of the flaws of the show.

Another important character is Luci, Bean’s personal demon, sent by Emperor Cloyd and Enchantress (No, not The Enchantress from Suicide Squad, although that would’ve been cool.) Luci is known for telling Bean to do bad things, which is kind of the reason why he was sent to Bean as a wedding gift in the first place. I don’t really know if Luci knows his job or not, but he seems to like being friends with Bean and Elfo anyway. Luci does some adultish things in the show, for example, smoking, doing drugs, and drinking alcohol.

The whole time I watched the show, I just wanted more. I was upset that one of my favourite characters, Elfo, died, but other than that, it was really interesting. The plot twist was very unexpected, but I kinda saw it coming at the same time.