ACL Festival Lineup Is Out


Victoria Zapata, Nation Wired Staffer

Hearts are beating fast, and the vibes are great. Earlier this week many students

Senior Hayden Vasquez and juniors Luke Holsonbake and Jonathan Castllo wait with anticipation for the ACLlineup announcement.

waited until 10 AM on the dot to see who the 2018 ACL Fest Lineup is. Artists such as Metallica, Childish Gambino, Travis Scott, Odesza, Khalid, Shawn Mendes and so many more will be appearing.

The Festival takes place on October 5-7 (Weekend 1) and October 12-14 (Weekend 2) with 3-day tickets starting at $255 plus fees. With the lineup being so golden, some people won’t mind paying what will eventually be up to $300 for weekend tickets. Junior Jonathan Castillo says the tickets are “expensive but so worth it.”

Asking what my peers think of the lineup, I received responses such as “Swag” and “Lit, I can’t wait to go” from junior Luke Holsonbake and senior Hayden Vasquez.