Is The Current I.D. Policy As Strict As You Think?

Nicholas Ramos , Nation Wired Staffer

Here at Hays High School, every student has to wear their I.D. to do anything here at the school, to go to the bathroom, to get in your classroom, even going to the counselor to talk about something as little as changing your class. Ever since the Parkland shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School, we’re told by our Principle David Pierce that we have to wear our I.D.s to school every day. Pierce told us that if we don’t wear are I.D. to school we would be sent to the office to buy a new I.D. for $5.

Mrs. Deneen Calvin, AP secretary, said “I don’t believe that the school I.D. policy is strict because we are teaching our students how to prepare for when they are adults. The only reasons that the I.D. policy seems strict because we are actually enforcing are students to wear them and we’ve had these rules about I.D.s since 2007.”

Nicholas Ramos
Sofia Leal holds up her ID.

Sofia Leal said, “I don’t think that I.D. policy is too strict I know they’re doing it for our safety and it doesn’t bother me to wear my I.D. I believe that they made the policy after the school shooting because if anything happens to us they want to identify our bodies and see if we’re okay or not or if we belong to this school.”

Charlie Reid said, “No, like just put your ID on, it’s not that hard to do. I know people who have like 10 I.D.s at home. Just wear them you will be saving yourself like 5 bucks. There are also people who think that the I.D. is going to ruin there outfit like, really, the lanyard is black and the I.D. is white those colors go with everything.”

Hannah Erwin said, “I think that the I.D. policy is good but the reason why that they’re enforcing it is stupid. Even if you don’t have your I.D. and you go in the morning you still get punished with ASD and you still have to pay for it. Also when a teacher spots you without an I.D. you also get ASD. I also believe that the I.D. policy became more strict because of the school shooting in Parkland, are I.D. policy was never that strict.”