Be Prepared for the Next School Year

Tony Grimes, Staff writer

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How to prepare for next school year:

As the school year comes to an end, students begin raving about their plans for summer. Although three months away from school seems long, summer always flies by and the “Back to school” commercials creep up on us. To some students, this time of year is exciting and they like the opportunity to have a fresh new start to the school year. To others, it’s a state of confusion and anxiety for the upcoming year. Here are some tips for starting the school year on a positive note.

The first stage of going back to school is always the supplies, and though it can be overwhelming, it’s a chance to get organized. For most schools, teachers give out a supply list that every student “needs” to have for the year, but we all know that not all of the supplies are going to be necessary to spend our parents money on. A tip for saving some money and space in our backpacks is to have a folder or binder that has work from multiple classes. Almost every teacher will want a binder of folder for their class, but would you rather have a binder for all seven classes, or one or two for all? In addition to saving space and money, having separate sections for each class will keep you more organized, rather than having a bundle of papers just thrown in your backpack.

The second stage of going back to school is starting out with a positive attitude. If you are positive before the school year starts, you will most likely have a better year than starting out being negative. Just think about seeing all of the friends you didn’t get to spend time with during summer, and the many new friends you would get to make. Not to mention going up a grade, which means you are getting closer to your freedom. There’s so much to look forward to, like the classes you chose for the new year and deciding which teacher will be your new favorite, having a positive attitude towards something new will always have a better outcome.

Being organized and having a positive view towards the beginning of the year will definitely leave you with a memorable year.