The Film We’ve All Been Expecting

Students of Hays cannot wait for the Incredibles 2


Isabella Sada Nieto, Staff

As most of our generation enters the world of being a teenager and becoming an adult, we cannot help but think of the many things that helped shape our childhood. We think about the games we played, and the television series and movies we would once watch. As one would refer to as, of Disney Pixar’s”best animation films,” The Incredibles, came out during the summer of 2006 and has been considered a hit since. As we begin to make plans for the summer, The Incredibles 2 seems to be on almost everyone’s list.

“The Incredibles is definitely one of my favorite Pixar Movies, and knowing that this movie will come out gives me nostalgia! Normally, I would not be excited for a sequel but Disney knows how to continue the story,” junior Sarah Krajenta said.

Although we have no idea what’s coming. It is clear that almost everyone is looking forward to the action, family building, and keeping up with the characters of the story.

“I am super pumped for the movie! It was something I would love watching as a kid! I mean, who didn’t? Super heroes! Disney! I mean, that’s all I could ask for! It really sucks that our generation had to wait this long before the movie would come out, but I am super excited,” junior Olivia Lozano said.