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This Survey is ‘Lit’

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This Survey is ‘Lit’

Nicholas Ramos, staff

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The Rebels are so ‘lit.’ These days they drop so many ‘lits,’ ‘fams,’ and ‘wokes’ that you never know if they’re going to give you a compliment or secretly  set your house on fire.

This happen because of evolution of social media and text messaging because every teenager is alway on their phone 24/7; looking for new way to sound more stupid.

So many people use terms like squad, savage, shade, clap back, AF, fam, lit, turnt, goals, salty and LB/FB to explain what they are trying to say too you; so he/she don’t waste time talking to other people like really your time is not that precious people. And you wonder why people hate our generation so much. We already do Tide Pods.


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This Survey is ‘Lit’