Stay Woke

New breakfast bar in Hays Cafeteria features coffee


Marisa Ramirez

The cafeteria now offers coffee and iced coffee– and breakfast tacos.

Victoria Zapata, Nation Wired Staffer

Marisa Ramirez, photo

Starting Thursday morning the cafeteria started serving coffee and iced coffee during breakfast and lunch. The new features include a Grab-N-Go breakfast station at the Ballpark line, where there will be breakfast tacos, sandwiches and much more for eating on the go.

The new items will likely attract more students and teachers to try the new breakfast bar and sample the iced coffee, but not everyone was impressed.

Jonathan Castillo, junior, said, “It had too much caffeine. Overall I did not like it. It woke me up.”

However, most liked the new iced coffee and its stimulant effect.

Marisa Ramirez said, “The coffee had the consistency of a Frappuccino at Starbucks. It was good.”