Super Mario Odyssey: A Review

Super Mario Odyssey: A Review

Carlos Sanchez, contributor

The Nintendo switch is Nintendo’s ninth console. The console right before it, the Wii U, was an embarrassment to the company. Many believed that the game, Super Mario 3D Land was the death of a 3D Mario game, but a few months later a new game was announced. It is called Super Mario Odyssey. Super Mario Odyssey is one of those games that will last forever like Super Mario 64. It is an open world game with giant worlds like New Donk City and vast deserts like Toasterena. With the introduction of Cappy, a hat ghost who becomes Mario’s hat, this game is truly one of a kind

This is your spoiler warning, but this game has been hot since October so if this game is spoiled for you, it’s pretty much your fault.

The game’s story is Bowser kidnapping Peach again but this time he plans to marry her. The game starts in the middle of the action as Mario tries to stop the wedding planning. He loses and is sent to the Cap Kingdom, Bonneton, where he meets Cappy. Cappy helps Mario because Bowser stole his sister, Tiara, for the wedding. Mario and Cappy take off on a journey through life like cities, a prehistoric dinosaur island, a large ocean/beach, and even a bowser kingdom based on ancient Japan.

In Super Mario Sunshine we had the F.L.U.D.D (A robot that let Mario shoot water out of the F.L.U.D.D)but in this game, we have Cappy. You throw Cappy on the air as a suspended platform. This could be used to get across an incredibly long jump. Its possible to long jump, throw Cappy, dive into Cappy, and the dive again. The main kicker this time is the capture ability. You throw Cappy at an enemy (or sometimes not an enemy) and you become the character. You can be a Goomba, Yoshi, a gliding dino named Glydon, and even a flipping T Rex. This allows so many possibilities in the game.

The ending (well the main story’s ending) is magnificent. After you beat Bowser, the moon (the moon is where the final fight is) cavern starts falling apart. Mario must become Bowser and carry Peach to escape. The ending cut scene is hilarious. Mario is about to propose to Peach but then Bowser does as well. Peach rejects them both and steals Mario’s ship, the odyssey. Mario jumps on leaves Bowser on the moon.

Once, the credits roll the game really starts. There are now more moons in all the world’s (Power moons are the game’s collectibles) and even three more worlds. There is the Mushroom Kingdom, the dark side of the moon, and the darker side of the moon. There is a lot to do after the game ends.

I recently 100% completed the game. That means I got every Moon and every regional coin (more about those later). There are 837 different moons but you must get 999 for 100% completion. Some of the moons are multi moons which mean they are three in one. They also sell moons in the shop (yes there’s a shop, again more about that later). So you need to get enough coins to get the 100% reward. The reward is just a picture of all the characters.

Lives don’t matter in this game because there are no lives. When you die in the game you lose coins. It’s a way better system then the 1 up system. Coins are used in a shop called, Crazy Cap. This shop sells different outfits Mario can wear. Most of them are references to other games or obscure references. They also things to decorate mario’s ship. Every kingdom has its own purple coins (the regional coins). These are used for costumes and decoration but they serve as another collectible. They are mainly cosmetic changes.

This is the first Mario game with lyrics and it’s great. There are two of them in this game. There is Jump Up Super Star and Break through (lead the way). They are both great. Jump up superstar is played during the NDC (New donk city) festival and break through is played in the ending when you are Bowser. Both these songs are available. The rest of the music is great and most of the songs are on Itunes.

This game is monumental in the series. It introduced 3D open world Mario games to a new generation. It’s unique and will last forever like Super Mario 64. The best part is, you can play the game anywhere. You just have to slide the Joy cons (the controllers) on the screen and pull the screen out of the dock. And now its a handheld. You can play this game virtually, anywhere. That makes it an even better experience. This game will be cherished for years to come.