Not Going To Prom

Nicholas Ramos , Nation Wired Staffer

Seniors and juniors who choose not to go to prom are questioned by almost everyone in their class: Why aren’t you going to prom? I don’t understand why people make it a big deal if someone doesn’t want to go to prom. It’s okay not to want to go to prom and there is a variety of reasons why someone wouldn’t want to go to prom.

Prom is really demanding and creates a lot of pressure on high school upper-classman because of all planning that goes into prom. Find a date, find a dress, find a hairdresser, get your nails done, find a group of friends to go with, and get your bouquet of flowers. All of these things create chaos for the students that choose to go.

These are some of the upper-classmen that aren’t going to prom.

Montgomery Yuergens, a senior said ”I just don’t want to go; it too much! You have to dress up and buy the tickets which are very expensive and if you want to get a limo and get food at the end that would be too expensive. I’m going to stay home and do my homework if I have any, and I if I don’t have any I will play games and watch YouTube!”

Arianna Thomas, a senior said  ” I went last year and it’s not really worth the 50 dollars!  I would probably do what I did for homecoming just hang with friends and go see a movie and go to the graffiti park in Austin.”

Angelina Robledo, a junior said ” I would rather wait until senior year because it will be my last year at Hays. And it too expensive I rather spend that money on going to a movie.”

Lolly Ortiz, a junior said ”My mom is not letting me go this year and I’m not really fond of the theme instead I’m throwing a party with my friends!”

Ana Velazquez, a senior said ” proms is not my thing all. I’m going to hang out with friends and watch movies”