Arctic Blast Brings Ice and Sleet

Hays CISD on a 2-hour delay for Wednesday

Lauren Delrie, Editor

Students got an extra day in their three-day weekend when an arctic blast brought chilly temps and icy winds Monday night into Tuesday morning. The winter blast brought precipitation and plummeting temps that caused ice to build on roads and overpasses.

Hays CISD sent out the word of the district closing down for the wintry weather at about 6 p.m. Monday, and almost all surrounding districts closed for the day, including nearby UT Austin and Texas State U.

And with the ice still around, the district called for a 2-hour delay for Wednesday.

The cold blast even brought snow to some areas of the Hill Country making travel anywhere risky.

“I used this extra day (off) to catch up on homework and sleep since you can’t really go many places,” said senior Erin Polasek.

This is the district’s third bad weather day so far this academic year. February 19th has been slated as a weather make-up day.