Earth Day

Showing the planet some love


Caitlin Van Kampen, Writer

Friday, April 22nd, the world celebrated the global holiday of Earth Day. The holiday was first conceived in the 1960s by US Senator Gaylord Nelson. He was inspired by Vietnam War protests to organize a nationwide grassroots demonstration to promote conservation involvement and awareness. This was set to take place on April 22nd, 1970 and it got support from about 20 million Americans, making this the first official Earth Day. The government responded to this holiday with environmental legislation, and after years of constant annual campaigning, Earth Day finally went global in 1990. The holiday now gets recognized by about 1 billion people per year and this year of 2022 marks Earth Day’s 52nd anniversary.

In Hays High School specifically, the special needs unit in particular has shown their support. The students, teachers, and supportive peers traveled around outside on campus picking up trash. Not only did this teach the students how to help the environment, it also helped to simply clean the campus up and send the kids a message of how precious the Earth really is. Moving forward as years go by, we should all remember that we need to take care of our planet, since it is our home.

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