The Weeknd: Dawn FM

a review

Crystal Uribe, senior writer

The Weeknd: Dawn FM

The Weeknd just released a new album and everyone has something to say about it. There are many critics and fans comparing his past albums to Dawn FM, some may say this new album has many similar traits to his After Hours album and others. Let’s review this album track by track.

  • Dawn FM- this track is the album’s introduction, a quick look / listen to what the rest of the vibes will be.
  • Gasoline- Gasoline is the first song that opens up the album, the feeling I get from this track is retro. Throughout the song, we hear this deeper voice repeating back what the main track relays, this gives more to listen to and it adds to the song and what the song is trying to say.
  • How Do I Make You Love Me?- This one opens up more on a slower beat, but as it keeps introducing itself the rhythm grows faster. This one I can almost see the music scale on it, how it goes up and down on the scale with the different tempos it gives.
  • Take My Breath- If you listen to the album in chronological order the last song we just listened to transitions right over to Take My Breath, it keeps its same closing tempo into the beginning and the rest of the current song.
  • Sacrifice- Sacrifice opens up with the strong presence of the guitar, the song reminds me of Michael Jackson’s thriller album and song.
  • A Tale By Quincy- The first interlude on the album has Quincy Jones reflecting on his life adolescence, recalling how it was growing up without a mother and how that ties into his present lifestyle choices. This goes great with the theme of the album, The Weeknd retelling his poorly gone relationships.
  • Out of Time- I would say this has a smooth flow and an overall slower jazzy feel, out of all the other songs this has the most obvious melancholy feel to it. And to add to character, towards the end of the song, we have the same voice we heard from the intro Dawn FM.
  • Here We Go… Again (feat. Tyler, The Creator)- the first musical collaboration on the album features Tyler, this song is more on the storytelling side of music. It has a great flow and Tyler adds an amazing touch to the song.
  • Best Friends- I would describe this song as something I’ve heard from the Weeknd before, he gives his remark and vengeance on his part. He comes in and tells us what his side is, what went wrong or what could have gone wrong with this relationship.
  • Is There Someone Else?- I love this song, to me it goes back to his old classic songs. The track title on its own is everything you need to know about the song, Is There Someone Else? Who is this person, and why are they here if we had something good going on here.
  • Starry Eyes- There is another smooth transition that goes on going into this track, this is a shorter song than the rest. Another in-your-face sad-themed lyric-filled song.
  • Every Angel is Terrifying- Again opening up on a thriller note, this isn’t a song per se. Towards the end, it sounds like an advertisement to buy something. The title is what the track is about, the depiction of an angel you always hear is not what the angel is actually like, rather the bible describes an angel rather terrifyingly. Looks are deceiving.
  • Don’t Break My Heart- this one would have to be my least favorite song on the album, there’s no growth musically in this one, I would say it’s too repetitive and sounds too similar to another song on the album.
  • I Heard You’re Married (feat. Lil Wayne)- the second musical collaboration featured on the album, wanting someone you can’t have because they’re committed already. It sounds like they met and hit it off, the only problem is that she didn’t mention she was married while they were together. She’s deceiving.
  • Less Than Zero- a retro sound that’s more on the catchy side of the others, wanting to be in this relationship with someone who was once in a bad place so you would think they have an understanding when you’re in the same position later on. But quickly realize that they rather leave than help you with your problems, he says he’s not good enough for the person “I’ll always be less than zero”
  • Phantom Regret by Jim- the outro is a poem spoken by Jim Carrey with background vocals by The Weeknd. This poem is reflecting on one’s soul and the hardships it’s gone through. It’s a perfect way to close out the album, make peace with what you have done, heal your soul from the damage it went through.

Overall a rating is a rating, you don’t know what the artist meant and wanted to say with the songs, you get what you want to see in the songs. I love this album and I loved his past albums as well, an artist grows and knows what they’re doing with their music. If they want to repeat and use previous inspiration let them, in the end, the product is great and it’s good music to listen to.