Apple Music vs Spotify

Mary Williams, Legacy photographer, writer

A long-time quarrel in the music world has been whether Spotify or Apple Music is the superior music streaming service. Some side with Spotify for their accurate recommendations and more diverse song selection. Others side with Apple Music for the cleaner visual look and ease of use. But which is better?

Yasmine Orona, a junior, says, “I use Apple Music mostly but Spotify (not premium) for the “underground” songs.” This seems to be a commonly held idea, since many songs aren’t available on Apple Music, as Rylee Lalande, also a junior, states, “Spotify does have some lesser-known songs that aren’t on Apple Music.” So Spotify seems the victor in this situation, but what do Apple Music people think?

According to Audre Knepp, “but when you have an Apple phone I feel it’s easier to use Apple Music.”

Since Apple has added an equivalent to Spotify’s year wrapped, it would seem their game is stepping up. Both Spotify and Apple Music have a $10 monthly fee for the average individual use, another reason why putting one above the other is challenging.

Many people seem to use both platforms, paying for Apple Music and using the free version of Spotify.

What do you think? Are you team Spotify or Apple Music?