Five Nights At Freddy’s: Security Breach Game Review


Jayda Ruiz, Legacy designer, writer, podcast editor

The FNAF franchise has been around since 2014, with the developer Scott Cawthon releasing a more terrifying addition to the ongoing series every year or so. The newest installment of the franchise is Security Breach which was released December 16th, 2021, and is available on PS4, PS5, and PC. 

The game has definitely expanded and isn’t the “norm” for a FNAF game. Instead of sitting in an office and strategically closing doors and watching cameras for threats, the player is fully immersed in the action and the game now has a stealth approach while completing quests to progress the story.

The game starts with Freddy and his friends performing in his Mega Pizzaplex when he starts malfunctioning and collapsing, He then wakes up in a stabilized safe mode to find a child named Gregory, who has been hiding in his hollow stomach. Gregory and Freddy try to escape the pizzaplex through the front doors, but midnight comes and the doors are closed. Freddy supplies Gregory with a security pass and helps him throughout the night to survive till 6 AM. While waiting for dawn, Gregory is able to explore the giant pizzaplex and undercover secrets that add to the overall story of the franchise. There are multiple endings and it’s all determined by the choices you make throughout the game.
Personally, it was really fun playing this game. Although there are a LOT of bugs and glitches. The game was delayed and supposed to be released in December 2020, but due to covid, it was put on pause. In fall 2021, it was picked up again and the whole idea of the game changed, new map, a new story so people believe the game was rushed. Even though the game is glitchy I still believe it’s a great, fun, challenging game.

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