A plea for no homework

Aaliyah Longoria, contributor

Jair Guzman, artist

Although not everyone will agree, I say although ‘no homework’ may not be possible, not having so much would improve a student’s chance at self-care, hobbies, family time and might even reduce stress.

Having more time after school is so soothing to the mind … and by being able to eat dinner, and have time for daily hobbies, and sleep- high school students would feel less stressed.

While having homework can help students deal with school work outside of school, the stress on our mental health puts too much pressure on us, causing us to lose sleep from staying up to do homework.

Teachers should consider student schedules, including eating and sleeping, occasionally because being stacked up with homework can be unhealthy.

Aaliyah Longoria, 9, & Jair Guzman, 11, contributors