Frequent fire alarms become routine

Nikki Davern, writer, photographer

For those at Hays High, fire alarms going off has become a regular occurrence.

Students report to the designated spot for fire drills. (Crystal Uribe)

It’s been hard to keep track of how many times the fire alarm has gone off because of the sheer amount and how it sometimes only goes off in certain buildings, but it’s estimated that there have been approximately 7 fire alarms so far. In the beginning, some may ha

Students evacuated the building at the sound of the alarms. (Crystal Uribe)

ve been excited to get out of class, but now, the fire alarms have become unwelcome interruptions, with two alarms even going off during lunch.

“Guess you could say this school has a heart of fire,” Cody Medrano, 11, said.

Even so, there hasn’t been an actual fire, or even a proper fire drill yet.

It became such a problem that administrators had to address it by adding to the expectations and making announcements about it.

After several fire alarms, they added a warning discouraging people from vaping in bathroom stalls, but when that didn’t help they had to add a slide to the expectations presentation detailing the punishments for those caught vaping in the bathroom.

Firefighters check out the halls after smoke alarms were set off by apparent vape smoke in a bathroom. (Nikki Davern)

The warning seems to have fixed the problem for now.

Senior AP Tim Jacobson spoke about the reoccurring alarms. “I think we will have less human cause of fire drills,” Jacobson said.

“I think the message is getting sent. I mean, how can it not be?”

Hopefully, he is right, and there will be no more evacuations because of students vaping during school, but only time will tell.