Fall fashion 2021

Jayda Ruiz, Legacy fashion editor, podcast producer

As the weather cools and days get shorter, people start to trade in their colorful crop tops and jean shorts for comfy sweaters and leggings. I looked around campus these past few weeks looking for what fashion trends are in, Here´s what I found.


1.Flannels, personally I love flannels, they are so cute and such an easy light cover-up. Our Legacy photographer Mary Williams sports the look.













2. Legacy editor Madison Cantu in jeans with long sweater, a really cute combo.












3. Bright Colors, usually seen in fall, are associated with more cool tones, but colorful fun outfits are still all the rage.

4. Oversized sweaters, the most comfortable thing in the world, easy to throw on and you can pair them with anything. Ruby Holloway, 12, (left) and Crystal Uribe (right).

5. Skirts with stockings, one of my most recent FAVORITE fall trends right now, is the resurgence of patterned or ripped stockings with a mini skirt. SO CUTE