Rating The Met Gala 2021 Outfits

Kind of a mess.. but some snapped


Jayda Ruiz, Legacy podcast & fashion editor

The Met Gala has given us many iconic fits over the years, and the socialites and the celebrities who attend usually stay on theme, where others… aren´t so on theme. This year´s theme was America, lets look at 15 looks from that night and rate them.

  1. Rihanna and A$AP Rocky: 7/10  Its definitely giving, but don’t see how it´s American.

2. Lili Reinhart 10/10. Yes the flowers of the 50 states- omg.

3.Hunter Schafer: 9/10 She ate. (i.e. ‘She looks so good.’)


4. Rosé 10/10 she looks gorgeous. Very cute for her first-ever Met Gala.

5.Normani, 9/10 She looks super good. The dress is giving princess. It’s giving Disney.

6. Kim K: 6/10 It’s definitely.. something! It’s giving La Llorona.

7. Chloe and Halle Berry: 10/10 They ate down. They look absolutely stunning.

8. Adut Akech: 10/10 its giving Michael Jackson, she looks so good.

9. 10. Iman: 100/10 She snapped with this one, best dressed 100% percent.

10.Lil Nas X: 9/10 He always serves, one of the most fashionable men.

11. Barbie ferreira: 10/10 she really snapped, I love her. She´s giving 1920s glamour with a touch of modernity.

So, as you can see, some of these were on theme but others.. not so much. What were your favorite looks that night?