Homecoming 2021

Hays anticipates the showdown against San Marcos


Abigail Muñoz

August 27, 2021 Hays vs Churchill 42-17

Abigail Muñoz, Legacy photo editor

This new year has come with many different new things, homecoming not being one of them! Last year we were not able to do a homecoming dance due to Covid, although we did have our annual homecoming football game! Our homecoming game was against Lake Travis High School from Austin, Texas on October 16, 2020. Sadly for our homecoming, we did not win our football game and were defeated by 70-35. Homecoming is a special day. This year let’s win! Last year’s homecoming king and queen were seniors Evelyn Martinez and Caiden Borrego. 

This year’s homecoming football game is going to be taking place on October 8th, 2021 at 7:30pm against San Marcos High School. We are having a dance this year! On October 9th, 20201 at Hays High School. Although the theme is currently unknown for the dance, we still have spirit week leading up to the game! So far the themes we have had are white-out, Western and Hawaiian. There are so many more to come leading up to the game day! Seniors don’t forget to make your senior overalls and other students do not forget your mums.

Participating in school themes could mean we use your photo on the Nation, the Nation magazine, or even the yearbook. Send your photos to our EZPix.com link and upload to project number 226060 (no upload code required).

Upcoming themes and events will be posted on the Hays HS student section on Instagram. For more information follow @hayshsmedia on Instagram and Twitter!