Concert Comeback


Emma-Leigh Thurman, Nation magazine, EIC

This past week I was able to go see Harry Styles live, the first concert I have gone to since covid. I had been waiting for this concert since December 2019 because it was postponed during the pandemic when everyone was quarantining. It was very different, to say the least. There were a lot of rules regarding covid. To get in the door you had to show your vaccine card or if you are not vaccinated you had to show a negative covid test from the last 48 hours. You also had to wear your mask the whole time you were in the venue and could only take your mask off to drink something or to take photos. 

One of the things I was looking forward to was Harry doing the infamous whale at the end of his show. The whale is when he spits water up in the sky. He did the whale at his first show but got so much backlash because there is still covid going around. So at my show, he just posed like he was doing the whale, but without the water. (seen below)

 Even though the concert was different because of covid, I still had a lot of fun. Everyone was very nice and complimented each others outfits, all the fans were ¨treating people with kindness.¨