Vaccines for teens

Pfizer deemed safe for 16+

Marlee Claes, reporter

As of March anyone 16 and up was deemed eligible for the Pfizer covid vaccine. The two-part Pfizer vaccine is proven 95% effective in preventing the Coronavirus with symptoms.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like two doses of the Pfizer vaccine will be all we will have to get, but the company did announce recently that research shows the vaccine will continue to protect against the virus for up to six months after the second dose. Pfizer announced that studies show the vaccine will be 100% effective in protecting against symptomatic disease for the 12-15 age group once it is available.

Many people who got the Pfizer vaccine experienced side effects. The most commonly reported side effects, which typically lasted several days, were pain at the injection site, tiredness, headache, muscle pain, chills, joint pain and fever.

Jordan Warren, 12, got her vaccine at the First Baptist Church in Wimberley.

“I didn’t have any physical symptoms after—likely because I kept moving my arm a lot.”

According to Jordan and to Dr. Allison Agwu, M.D., associate professor of pediatrics, specializing in infectious diseases at Johns Hopkins Medicine, moving your arm often after you get your shots is a great way to reduce pain and inflammation.

When reflecting about her shot, Jordan said, “Everything hit me about five seconds after the vaccine, and I thought about how much progress we’re making. I feel very blessed to have gotten it.”

If you, like Jordan, are a high school student looking to stay safe in this time of Covid, VaccineFinder is a great resource. Just remember if you are 16 or 17, be sure to exclusively select the Pfizer vaccine.