Alt Prom

Parent group sponsors student prom

Andrea Delgado, writer, photographer, Legacy staffer

Alt prom is set to take place May 1st, at Texas Old Town, starting at 7:30-11:30 p.m., in Kyle.

With COVID restrictions still in place the school district is not sponsoring this years prom. In response to this some parents have organized an alternate prom, giving seniors the chance to dress up, pick a king and queen, and celebrate the finish of high school, all thanks to parent volunteers.

Prom is arguably one of the most memorable moments of high school, next to walking the stage in cap and gown, but so many seniors last year were reminded of the terrible times when their prom was canceled. Many already having dresses and tuxes ready in their closet.

This year’s students will be able to celebrate on May 1, at the Texas Old Town event hall in Kyle. Although masks must be worn, prom dress stores are even making masks that match the dress that you purchase. On top of that, the prom this year is masquerade-themed so students can deck out their masks to match the theme. 

On the bright side, tickets were only $30 this year, making them much more affordable this year are providing indoor and outdoor events. Parties involved have also been sure to make prom safe and are following local CDC covid guidelines to ensure student’s safety.