Teacher profile

Danny Preuss

Teacher profile

Madison Cantu, writer, photographer, Legacy staffer

Daniel Preuss is a long-time teacher and coach at Hays High School.

Coach Preuss has been working as a teacher for 31 years, and he has worked at Hays for just about three decades. He teaches US History to juniors, and also works as the head coach for the Girls’ Basketball team. Ever since he was young, Coach Preuss knew teaching students was the only job for him.

Not only did he have his heart set on pursuing a career in teaching, Coach Preuss participated in sports such as basketball and football since his highschool years, which explains his excitement for coaching the Hays girls’ basketball team. After high school, he enrolled at Southwest Texas State University (now Texas State University) to achieve his dream of being a coach and teacher. He studied hard for a couple of years to earn his bachelor’s degree, and finally was able to graduate along with his fellow classmates.

Soon after graduation, he found his way to Hays High School where he continues to live his dream of teaching and coaching young adults in high school. The most rewarding part of his job is being able to watch as his students and athletes grow and succeed in becoming great citizens, he said.

Coach Preuss not only works as a coach and teacher but also as the athletic coordinator for Hays High School. Being the athletic coordinator is very enriching to him as he gets to work with not only basketball but all of the sports teams. This school year is unlike any other due to many of his US History students being in both online and in-person school, but still, he is keeping his head up and looking forward to the upcoming basketball season where he is most excited to work with his wonderful team.

Although his work at Hays High school may keep him busy, he always finds time to spend with his family and friends, whether that be hunting, traveling, or giving back to the community.