Valentine’s Day and Sweet Cakes: a match made in heaven

Sarah Brager, editor, photographer

Sweet Cakes 4 U storefront on Main St.

If there is one thing I have learned this weekend, it’s that a winter storm warning cannot stand in the way of Valentine’s Day treats. The line outside Sweet Cakes 4 U in Buda started forming early Saturday morning. People came prepared with giant coats and mittens to ensure the cold weather would not send them home. I wanted to get my hands on some of their famous Valentine’s desserts, so I joined the line and waited for about 45 minutes – and I’ll say it was worth it.

I’ve never been crazy about Valentine’s Day, but I do get excited for good food, especially desserts; so when I saw the menu for Sweet Cakes 4 U on Instagram it was clear this had to be a part of my weekend. The bakery is a local, family-owned business that has been serving the Buda community for eight years. It was especially sweet knowing I was able to support a small business that is so popular in our town – buying local is so important now, as the pandemic has threatened many small businesses.

I’m not kidding when I say I wanted to buy everything on the menu, but I am doing Valentine’s Day on a budget this year; nevertheless, I still left their window with an assortment of treats. My family and I tasted their chocolate covered strawberries, red velvet cupcake, “heartbreak hotel” cupcake and chocolate cake balls. Now, I know nothing basically nothing about baking, but I do know that this was good cake. Probably the best cake you can get around here.

Sweet Cakes 4 U has been my go-to dessert for years, so it’s easy for me to recommend this to everyone. Whether you are celebrating a holiday/occasion, or you simply just crave something sweet, Sweet Cakes 4 U is absolutely the best option. Each time you buy their food, you make your heart happy with delicious dessert and you make the community happy by supporting such a beloved business.

Sweet Cakes 4 U is nominated for “best bakery” in the Best of North Hays County. I encourage everyone to stop by their shop for a taste of their dessert, and if you like it, give them your vote. Voting closes at 8pm on Feb. 15. The link to vote is included below.