Snake Solutions, the studio behind Homestuck^2, has reportedly shut down

Carlos E. Sanchez, Managing Editor

Homestuck squared is the highly controversial sequel to Homestuck and directly follows the Homestuck epilogues. It has been running since October 25, 2019, and is rumored to have been canceled. The comic has been getting a lack of backlash online due to its mischaracterization of characters and its controversial story beats. The story has a lot of potential since its basic plot is a battle for control of the narrative between two gods.


The comic is a collaboration between two companies, What Pumpkin and Snake Solutions. What Pumpkin was founded by Andrew Hussie (the original author of Homestuck) and handles the games/ physical books. While Snake Solutions writes and illustrates the sequel comic, based on an outline from Hussie, himself. The last update was Christmas day, 2020, and we haven’t heard anything since. Patreons of Homestuck have gotten the notification that they will not be charged until April 2021, which only happens when the comic is on a hiatus like last summer. Rumors started going around that Snake Solutions was shutting down. Things have been going down for them ever since they fired Kate Mitchell (one of the head writers of squared) for her actions and the way she treats the fans. And It looks like it is finally over. When you go to the Snake Solutions website, this is pretty much confirmed as the website reads, “Fangs for the memories. Snake Solutions Studio LLP, 2019-2020.”

Image result for homestuck 2Now, what does this mean for the comic itself? Is it really over? We do not know for sure, as they have not officially said anything. It’s possible that What Pumpkin and Hussie will take back over, but just recently Hussie has started a new project that is completely unrelated to Homestuck. The first chapter of his new game, Psycholonials, has recently released and he has expressed no interest in coming back to the comic. It is possible that What Pumpkin will pick it up, at least for one more update, being the April one (in Homestuck, the month of April is important because that’s when the comic started. April 13, 2009. Now 4/13 is known as Homestuck day and they usually release content and special goodies on that day). But What Pumpkin seems to have their hands full with their game Hiveswap, and its sister game Hauntswitch. It’s possible but not that likely. Or heck, it’s possible that Snake Solutions wrote one last update for the holiday. We do not know for sure.

Image result for homestuck 2The future of this comic is going to be extremely interesting, especially when 4/13 rolls around. Personally, I’m fine with them shutting down the sequel. I can appreciate its themes and ideas as a writer, but they made it so depressing and it felt like it was dragging on forever. I get the theme is for it to be depressing and not make sense canonically because of one of the god’s control on the realm, but that doesn’t mean you have to make it so depressing. Your story can be the best story ever but if the entire thing is just a pain to read, then what is the point of reading? On top of that, it takes them forever to get anywhere. It has been over a year and nothing has happened like at all. Dirk and his crew are on Deltritus, the meat epilogue crew are still flying, Jake is still a wet towel, Jane is still being evil and there hasn’t been any development there. All that has happened is Vriska met up with the gang, John’s house blew up, and it was revealed that Jade and Rose had a daughter (in secret) and named her Yiffy. Why? Who knows at this point. Maybe this comic ending is for the best. But either way, I can’t wait to see what happens next.

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