Wandavision: The weirdest thing Marvel has done in years

Carlos E. Sanchez, Managing Editor

Wandavision is a show airing on Disney Plus, staring Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olson) and Vision (Paul Bettany) and their wacky adventures in a weird, sitcom world. Except there is something clearly wrong here, the show has an eerie and strange tone, and as it continues it only leaves us with more questions. The show has this amazing sense of mystery, as it slowly shows what is going on. Every Friday when a new episode airs, the entire internet is launched into disarray with discussion and theories. At the time of writing this, episode five just aired, and if you saw that ending then you know exactly what I am talking about.

Image result for wandavisionTo give more context to the readers who have not seen most of the Marvel movies, Wanda Maximoff (aka the scarlet witch) is a Sokivian woman who was kidnapped by Hydra in her childhood along with her twin brother Pietro. She gained her powers through experiments with the mind stone (one of the five infinity stones, that hold the most power in the universe), which are telekinetic abilities that can alter reality. In Avengers Age of Ultron, she is originally a villain but changes sides after Ultron turns on her and Pietro. Vision is the perfect body for Ultron, with the mind stone in his end, but the body is stolen and given another consciousness. Vision ends up being the one that defeats Ultron, after he destroyed Sokovia. He and Wanda become close before Infinity War, even running away and moving in together. But in Infinity War, Thanos was hunting every infinity stone, meaning he will be after Vision soon. In a last-ditch effort, Wanda is forced to destroy the stone with her powers, killing her love, but Thanos used the time stone on him, bringing him back and stealing the stone. Killing Vision for a second time. Now, I know I was avoiding spoilers for the most part, but the knowledge of Vision being dead is crucial to see just how weird Wandavision is.

Image result for wandavision posterThe thing about the Wandavision is that it is the perfect show for the internet age. It leaves us all in awe every week, as we discuss it and theorize online together. When Wandavision answers a question, they create three more as every episode gets deeper and reveals more of the mystery. Every Friday, my friends and I watch it together over Discord and it has been an amazing experience but no one knows what to expect. The show has an eerie tone unlike any other thing Marvel has ever done before. Most Marvel films and shows are straight forward and to the point. One bad guy, one hero, they fight, the end (or sometimes it’s a group of heroes or villains). But in Wandavision, we still don’t know who the villain is, even if there is one. Is it Wanda, herself? Is it Agnes? Is it Mephisto (based on the theories)? No one truly knows and that is what I love about it.

Image result for wandavisionHonestly, I could ramble about this show for hours. Marvel must have known they had something special on their hands with this show, because it may just be my favorite production of theirs. Its convoluted mystery rivals that of Stranger Things. It reminds me a lot of The Twilight Zone, specifically the episode titled “It’s a good life,” where a little boy has strange telekinetic abilities, and if he doesn’t get his way he kills them with his mind. Everyone in his town is forced to act happy and think happy thoughts or he will kill them. In a lot of ways, Wandavision is just like this, except she isn’t killing people.

The perfect thing about Wandavision is that you don’t really need to have seen any Marvel movies to get it. Watching The Avengers Age of Ultron, Avengers Infinity War, and Captain America Civil war would definitely help but you don’t have to because the show does a good job of explaining things without making the long-time fans bored. Even if you didn’t know Vision was dead, the show heavily alludes to it and it will most likely be confronted later in the plot. Everything about this show makes it perfect, especially for 2021, as quarantine continues to slog on. It is mysterious, dark, silly, and so deep. We are probably still only scratching the surface of what the show has to offer. And I cannot wait to see what happens next.

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