Instagram update a setback for artists


Leann Partin, guest columnist

Instagram is a wonderful place for interaction and creation. But as an artist on Instagram, who posts for people to see my work, enjoy it, bring a little happiness to their day – It is not 100%.

Unpopular update (stock image)

Instagram’s new update to prevent storyshare feed posts, works against creators and our reach to the community.

Instagram already is an app that works against artists. It is already a struggle for posting, so taking away sharing only decreases the reach and interaction we have, as one of our main sources for sharing our work. Another point is not only will this affect artists, but it will also affect smaller content creators and small to medium businesses trying to promote their shops on Instagram, making it harder to get their name out. The majority of people on Instagram benefit from sharing due to being public accounts, so focusing on the minority that is bothered by it throws the whole ordeal out of proportion.

On Instagram, artists have even made the effort to create a hashtag called #sharingiscaringinstagram, and will be used on January 8th on all of our posts. Like I mentioned before, it was said that they had many requests to decrease the storyshare of posts as a test run. While it is true that they said that the last update was supposedly a test run, we’ve had it for months now and have also decreased interaction for our content creators.

It’s obvious no one wants this. Next time it would be smarter to send out a community survey for users on the app. Maybe then, they could get actual feedback on how the app can be improved instead of ignoring their own users. Instagram has been doing this for a couple years now, and at this point it’s almost erasure. It’s important to recognize their own users, and this wasn’t a smart move on their part.

LeeAnn is a sophomore and creates art pieces for her insta @morallee_aced