Hays student hospitalized with severe COVID symptoms

Cheerleaders rally support for #KatStrong


photo from HHS cheer Instagram

Sarah Brager, editor, photographer

On Dec. 28, 2020, sophomore Katelynn Ramirez was admitted to Dell Children’s Hospital with severe COVID conditions. Ramirez’s family believes she was exposed to someone positive 10 days before she was admitted as a patient. As JV Co-Captain of the cheerleading team, she is a healthy athlete with no pre-existing medical conditions.

Earlier this week, Charisa McBee, whose relation to Ramirez is unclear, organized a GoFundMe to fundraise for the cost of the COVID relief. McBee is posting detailed updates on Ramirez’s condition and recovery to keep the public informed on her status.

As a beloved member of cheer, Ramirez’s story quickly spread around social media. Many students are reposting her GoFundMe with #katstrong to raise awareness for the cause. With each post, more community members are donating and writing heartfelt messages to the family. Ramirez is now about halfway to her $10,000 goal.

More news is posted about Ramirez’s condition each day. Stay tuned for more updates here, or at Katelynn’s GoFundMe (below).